What We Do

The process is really simple: You book an appointment, we arrive at your home or business with a 30 minute window, and we take your stuff. Here’s the best part, we give you upfront affordable pricing and lug away with your trash so that you never have to worry about it ever again. Done! It’s easy and speedy.

What do you do with my junk?
We always ensure that your items end up being donated, recycled, or disposed of in an ecologically responsible way. Different items require different handling and disposal methods. We make sure to find the correct disposal solution for each individual item.

What types of Junk does your society accept?
Pretty much anything and everything, except other humans of course. Below are some items that frequently grace us with their presence:

We Pick-Up The Following Items:

We pick up all these items and much much more.


Furniture Wardrobe, Dresser, Cabinet, Closet, Chest, Bookcase, Pantry, Hutch, Night Stand, Bench, Chair, Chaise Lounge, Couch / Sofa, Love Seat, Ottoman, Recliner, Stool, Accent Tables, Blanket Racks, Cofee Table, Curio Cabinets, Desk, Drawing Board, End Table, Folding Table, Game Tables, Hope Chest, Nesting Tables, Pedestals, Bedroom Set, Dinette, Dining Set, Kitchen Table, Dining Room Table, Vanity Set, Bed, Headboard, Futon, TV / Television, Record Player Console.


Refrigerator Removal, Washing Machine, Clothes Dryer, Gas Stove, Electric Stove, Hot Water Heater, Stackable Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher, Freezers and Ice Makers, Electric Cook Top, Air Conditioner, Drying Cabinet, Range Hoods, Venting Systems, Trash Compactors, Wall Ovens, Warming Drawers, Water Softeners, Wine Refrigerators, Chest Freezers.


Mattresses King Size Mattress, Queen Size Mattress, Double Size Mattress, Twin Size Mattress, Box Springs, Memory Foam, Sleep Number, Pillow Top.


Televisions, Computers, Stereos, Speakers, Monitors, Video Cameras, Video Game Consoles, Laptops, Netbooks, Printers, Scanners, Keyboards, Computer Mouse, VCR's, DVD Players, DVR's, Fax Machines, Photocopiers, Cell Phones, Hard Drives, Circuit Boards, Power Supplies, Tablets & E-Reader, Misc. E-waste.

Renovation Debris and Construction Debris

Wood / Lumber, Metal, Nails, Roofing Shingles, Dried Paint, Vinyl Siding, Aluminum Siding, Loose Screws, Bricks, Concrete, Soil, Dirt, Rocks / Stones, Wall Coverings, Plaster, Drywall, Plumbing Fixtures, Toilets, Sinks, Glass, Asphalt / Pavement, Railroad Ties, Electrical Wiring, Piping, Cabinets, Bathtubs, Light fixtures, Gutters.


Newspaper, Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles, Plastic Bags, Magazines, Kids Toys, Phone Books, Mail Order Catalogs, Tin Cans, Aluminum Cans, Old Clothing, Baseball Cards, Tools, Bicycles, Roller Skates, Books, CD's, VHS Tapes, DVD's, Record Albums, Exercise Equipment, Cardboard Boxes, Pillows, Storage Containers, Sewing Machines, Storm Doors, Window Screens, Burn Barrels, Power Cords, Kitchen Utensils, Pots & Pans, Lamps.

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